Comfort means much more than just being cosy

Comfort means there’s nothing holding you back from what you’re passionate about. Comfiknit Fabrics made with TriKnit Technology, harness cutting edge science and your body’s own energy to deliver optimal cooling and comfort. These are fabrics that are in-tune with your body, delivering an energising comfort so you can go where the flow of life takes you.

Beyond the Limits

Comfiknit has been engineered to go beyond the limitations of current fabric technology. Traditional fabrics can take a narrow and inefficient view of cooling. The conventional approach of increasing airflow also has limitations. Lingering discomfort and poor durability get in the way of people feeling at their best.


Whoever you are. However you live.

Comfiknit is engineered to enhance your body’s natural cooling process. Made with Triknit Technology, Comfiknit Fabrics are multi-layer fabrics that use the latent heat produced by our bodies as engines for removing heat and discomfort. The result is a fabric that is truly in-tune with your body and the way you live.

Whether you’re a long-distance runner yearning for a medal, or a light-sleeper aiming for a comfier sleep, Comfiknit provides the care, cooling and support you need.

In Sync with Nature 

Comfiknit’s layers use the right fibres at the right place and time to accelerate your body’s natural cooling cycle. It taps into the pressure differences created by your movement to transport heat and moisture. 

Efficiently Cool 

These next generation fabrics wick, diffuse and evaporate sweat concurrently, rather than sequentially, accelerating the cooling cycle beyond any other fabric. 

Feel the Flow

We harness lightweight and elastic fibres, optimising range of motion and breathability to make you feel at your best. It’s an energising airiness that keeps you at the peak of whatever your game is. 

Good for the Earth

Comfiknit combines the natural properties of different fibres to yield new functions without chemical coatings, creating fabrics that last longer and do less harm to the earth. 

Skin in Balance

Comfiknit helps maintain a healthy pH balance on your skin’s surface. This means less irritation, greater bacterial control and greater overall comfort. 


Comfiknit has been engineered to support skin health too. Our fabric has been designed to help maintain your skin’s moisture levels, as well as enhance its natural anti-bacterial properties by keeping pH levels balanced.