Fibres have inherent properties that can be harnessed to engineer fabrics that deliver better comfort and functionality.

Depending on what fibres they’re made of, any layer of fabric can be hydrophilic – water absorbent or hydrophobic – water resistant. They can also embody other functions that provide mobility and protection.

Using TriKnit technology, Comfiknit has engineered these layers to sync with your body, enhancing the way moisture and heat naturally move during the body’s cooling cycle.

Inspired by Nature, Engineered for Life.

Behind Comfiknit’s energising comfort is the next generation of fabric innovation: TriKnit, inspired by nature and engineered for life.

Using the latest research in yarns, fabric construction and body temperature management, we’ve created a foundation for a new generation of fabrics that provide a wide range of benefits including cooling, protection and healing. By focusing on layering different yarns in innovative ways, we’ve opened up the possibilities of how fabrics can improve daily life.

Beyond Cooling. Beyond Ordinary.

Imagine a fabric that can reduce irritation for someone with a chronic skin condition. Or being able to create that critical reduction in temperature for someone working in the heat.

We’re doing more than imagining it. We’re making it happen. Here is just a glimpse of what more Triknit can do for the industry and the world at large.


Real-Life Testing, Real-World Results.

Traditional testing and measurement can be narrow or too far from the real-world. So, it’s no surprise conventional fabrics can fall short too.

WSI is pioneering new ways of testing that get closer to real-world results, reflecting the way heat, moisture and people move in real-life.

In recent running tests supervised by a leading research institution, TriKnit technology-based fabric was clearly shown to be more effective in managing heat, moisture, tactile sensations and pressure than a leading sports fabric.