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Atopic Eczema

Why Sweat Management is Vital?

Presented by Joseph Lau

Based on the clinical report of Comfiknit, p735 Vol. 71 2022 Japanese Journal of Allergology

The Engineering Fabric That Utilizes The Regulatory Functions Of Sweating: Comfiknit

Presented by Andrea Chan, PhD

Presented at World Congress of Itch 2021
22/23 October 2021

Microbiome disruption & its effects​

  • Gut microbiome studies showed that microbiome disruption inside human body leads to intestinal inflammation and various health issues, such as coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes and Crohn’s disease.
  • One of the treatment approaches in the case of gut microbiome disruption is to bring back probiotics to a balanced level inside body intestine. 
  • Probiotics can restore the human body to a healthy state.​

Maintaining balance

It is important to create and maintain a balanced microbial environment for long-term health.

Microbial balance is crucial to maintaining a healthy skin condition for patients with Atopic Dermatitis (AD).​

By creating a positive environment that encourages the growth of the good bacteria on skin to a balanced level.

Skin in balance: criteria ​

  1. ​Maintains suitable temperature​
  2. Dry, but remains moisturized​
  3. pH value 4.5-6
  4. Non-allergic​

Without these conditions, relief and treatment for Atopic Dermatitis is harder to achieve and sustain.​

Atopic Dermatitis​

Atopic Dermatitis is a long-term skin condition characterized by continuous ITCHING, pain and discomfort, caused by dry skin. It can often result in chronic sleep disruption.

Two possible causes for Atopic Dermatitis could be:​

  • Dysfunction in the skin barrier​
  • Impaired sweating function​​

Sweating: a regulator​ and a triggering factor

Sweating, plays 4 key roles in:​

  1. Regulating skin temperature
  2. Moisturizing​
  3. Regulating skin surface pH value​
  4. Antibacterial​​

Untreated sweat may also provoke an allergic reaction in people with Atopic Dermatitis. 
Sweat management is essential.​

Successful treatment plans

A successful treatment plans depends largely on the patients’ good self-management in treatment application.

One of the findings from the CLOTHES trial commissioned by the UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) for the relief of AD Symptoms:

Improved self-management is key in enhancing treatment outcome and improved life quality for people with impaired sweating function.​

Clothing matters​

Since our skin touches our clothing all year round, our choice of fabric becomes integral to the management of Atopic Dermatitis and associated skin irritation. ​

Choosing the right clothing can utilize the regulatory functions of sweating while minimizing negative effects.​

  1. Maintains suitable temperature via​:                                          
    1. Evaporative cooling                                                        
    2. Intelligent design of variable thermal conductivity
  2. Dry but maintains moisturized​
  3. pH value 4.5 – 6​
  4. Non-allergic​

Features of Comfiknit

Maintains Ideal Skin Temperature

Evaporative cooling
if sweating

Intelligent Design of
Adjustable Moisture
Content of Fabric

Maintains various levels of
thermal conductivity

Manages Sweat and Moisture Levels

Achieve a dry
but moisturized skin

Using PLA (pH5.5) as the Major Textile Material

Keep skin’s pH levels in balance

Sweat Evaporate via Clothes Not Skin Surface

Prevents salt residue to avoid allergic reaction​

Comfiknit: Comfort that energises​

The concept of Comfiknit optimizes the body’s natural ability to thermoregulate, optimizing comfort.​

The fabric has been engineered to create a micro-climate for the wearer.​

The flexible fabric structure can also be altered according to wearers’ specific needs during the seasonal change from summer to winter.

Comfiknit – Structure ensures integrity​

  1. Unique layered structure
    Top side of the fabric → hydrophilic​
    Skin side of the fabric → low water affinity with absorbing function
    Even with extra rinses during washing, the pH value of the fabric is retained​

  2. Special knitting properties
    The layers are interconnected with small quantities of top layer materials appear at the bottom layer, and vice versa.
    → allowing the skin side fabric with good absorption.

Clothing with customized fabric.
an alternate solution
healthy skin


an improved quality of life.

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