Revolutionising Fabrics, One Step at a Time.

Both Comfiknit and TriKnit are developed by Wealthy Step International (WSI), a company of innovators and manufacturers with more than 50 years of history developing and creating fabrics for many of the world’s most iconic brands.

Based in Hong Kong and led by second generation owner Kenneth Lau, the company fuses cutting edge scientific research with a passion for solving real-world challenges faced by people, in all walks of life.

From breaking through barriers in sporting performance to elevating the role fabrics play in fields like healthcare, WSI exists to improve everyday life. Across geographies, across industries, we’re redefining fabrics for the good of people everywhere.

The company conducts its own research into body temperature management as a foundation for new standards in fabric manufacture. We are also actively partnering with research institutions and organisations to see how far we can go – creating better fabrics for better lives.

WSI Research

WSI is a company built on a dedication to research and development for the betterment of life for all. Tri-Knit technology is the latest result from the WSI Research – our in-house research and development team, whose focus is on innovative approaches to developing microclimates that support and improve the way our bodies naturally function.

Taking a human focused approach to real-world problem solving, WSIR combines decades of fabric production experience with external collaborations to develop the fabrics of tomorrow: fabrics that maximise comfort, performance and even support unique medical needs.

WSI conducts various research with both medical and academic institutions in diverse fields including body temperature management, pH balance, static and radiation. These research will lead to the development and launch of new fabrics that are more effective in a wide range of applications from skin conditions and sleep management to temperature and sweat control.

By taking an approach that we refer to as composition transparency, we optimize the functionality inherent in existing yarns and combine them to create unique blends tailored to specific functional requirements. We can do this without the need for chemical additives, resulting in products that are longer lasting, lower impact and more natural.

Effective fabric development requires effective testing and WSI is leading the industry in developing new testing models that more accurately reflect the function of the human body.